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Prevent Your Pool From Falling Into Disrepair

Get pool repair or pool remodeling services in or around Jasper & Woodstock, GA

Leaks, structural damage and other pool problems can stop you from making the most out of your pool. Fortunately, you can count on Atlanta Leak Pros to help you keep your pool in excellent condition. We provide first-rate pool repair and pool remodeling services in Jasper, Woodstock, GA and the surrounding areas. Our skilled team specializes in pool leak detection, but we can also repair and restore pools after fixing leaks.

We mainly work on residential pools, but we can also work on commercial pools for hotels, parks and other types of properties. Call 404-667-6455 now to get more information about our pool repair or pool remodeling services.

Offering a comprehensive pool leak repair experience

While other companies can only tackle one part of the pool leak repair process, we can do it all. As part of our pool leak repair services, we can...

  • Complete a noninvasive inspection to detect your leak
  • Fix any kind of pool leak, including structural and plumbing leaks
  • Restore and remodel any areas that were damaged during the repair process

We can fix any leak, including ones that the average plumber or pool repairman can't get to. Contact us today to request a free estimate on our pool leak repair services.

Don't Let a Leak Stop You From Enjoying Your Pool

Depend on us for leak detection and repairs


choose us?

It's hard to find another company in the Atlanta, Jasper & Woodstock, GA area that specializes in pool leak repairs. Since we only focus on leak repairs, we have the expertise and top-of-the-line equipment needed to complete high-quality work. We can provide a convenient solution to your leak issue by covering every part of the repair process.

Reach out to us to let us know how we can help you.

Chance with Atlanta Leak Pros was great to work with. His team kept me in the loop on the leak detection process the entire time. They provided great video of our pool liner issues, were fast but thorough and repaired the tears in our liner quickly! Would definitely recommend!

mari Dannenberg

Atlanta Leak Pros did a great job finding and fixing the leaks in the pool. They pressure checked all lines, found 2 small tears in the liner, repaired both. Great communication, highly recommend. Reasonably priced.

Mike Montieth

We had a small leak in our pool and a friend suggested we call Chance. From the first call very professional and they found the leak at the lower center drain; and sent me a GoPro video of it.

John Rogers

Really did a great job, from finding the leak in my pool to getting it fixed. It was quite the job and when they finished the work you would never have known that they'd taken up my decking and had a drilled down through many feet of concrete. Would totally recommend them.

Maureen Briggs

Chance an Connor are trustworthy and reliable.
They are prompt and spend their time diagnosing your problems.

I am looking for flexible options with my pool repairs.
Atlanta Leak Detection provides excellent customer service and support.

I highly recommend them.

Ellen Hollander

We were in a dire situation. Our pool had been leaking an inch and a half daily for many months and had employed two outfits already, neither of whom could find much less fix our leak. I happened upon Atlanta Leak Pros with a Google search and read the reviews. I must admit I was a bit skeptical as all the reviews were 5 stars with glowing praise. Nobody is this good. I could not have been more wrong. Within days Chance and his excellent crew showed up and worked their magic. Within hours they found the leak and returned a few days later and repaired it. Problem solved and at a reasonable price I might add. Add me to the long list of satisfied customers. I cannot recommend Atlanta Leak Pros highly enough, they are just that good.

Loretta Gilmer

The quality of construction and repair was excellent. Chance followed through and did everything. He said he would do. When some of the expected work turned out to be unnecessary, he issued a credit without hesitation. I am very pleased with the outcome and the quality of work, and I recommend him highly.


Atlanta Leak Pros did a fantastic job both finding and repairing the leaks in my pool at a reasonable price. They were easy to work with, helpful, and friendly. Would highly recommend.

James Butler

We had a great experience with Atlanta Leak Pros. They were able to come ahead of our scheduled appointment time both for the consultation and the repair, which significantly sped up the project. And the technicians sent out were professional, kind and explained exactly what was being done. We would definitely recommend this company.

Beth Fairchild

Chance and the Atlanta Leak Pros team are a first class operation. Not only did he respond quickly but once I was on his schedule to come diagnose my leaking pool he called me even sooner than we discussed to see if he could come by. They were able to find the leak source quickly and rule out all other potential leak areas. Make no mistake, they're using specialized equipment and they really are "Leak Pros". We got on their repair schedule and just 11 days from my first phone call my pool is now leak free with no evedence that there was ever a problem or a repair done.! Chance took the stress out of it for us. He answered all of our questions before the work began, responded promptly by text and even sent me photos of a similar repair they did recently to show me what needed to be done and how it would look when complete. The customer service and professionalism is second to none. No gimicks or upsell just great service at a reasonable price. If I ever have a leak in my pool again there isn't another company I would trust to do the job. Thank you Atlanta Leak Pros!!

Keith Lothrop

Chance and his crew were great. They came promptly to find the leak and explain what to expect. He offered excellent advice which I was happy to follow. I learned a lot from him. If you are draining your pool for any reason and have the slightest concern there may be a leak, get these guys to check all your pipes before refilling. It's soooo worth it.


The team did a great job, with what had been a hard leak to track. Despite the difficulty, the quote was honored, without question. They were persistent in finding and fixing both of my leaks. I would lose inches a day, and now for a week, my pool has been running pumps, off and on, and not losing a drop. Incredible. Wish I had done this 10 years ago, so worth it! Atlanta Leak Pros is highly recommended by me as a completely satisfied customer.

Philip Jones

What a great company! My pool was leaking badly. I happened to find Atlanta Leak Pros on the internet and they came out and tested absolutely everything and found the source of the leak -- a buried broken pipe. It was such a relief to know what the problem is and the guys that came out were wonderful. They were able to turn off the valve that had the leak in it so I can fill and use the pool while I wait for a permanent repair. Summer swimming season saved!!! Chance was fabulous to deal with and while I hope I won't have any more leaks, if I do, I know exactly whom to call!

Debra Buster

These guys were wonderful. My water bill had crept up from $150, $200, $250, $300 to an almost $600 water bill. I noticed my auto top off on my pool was continuously running. The water department came out twice and couldn't find any issues. A friend recommended calling Atlanta Leak Pros. Turned out they scanned my pool and spa and found leaks. I was very skeptical but agreed to the $3600 in repairs. They came out, did a heck of a job where I couldn't even tell that it had been taken apart and repaired (although I did watch them drain it and tear out pebble tech and flagstone). My water bill is now $46 for the past three months and I never hear the top off running. Thank you guys!! Justin Harrison

Chill on 30A

Atlanta Leak Pros found a leak that others missed so we hired them to refurbish our pool and they did a great job!!
Jim & Carole-Roswell GA

Jim Gaston

Chance and his team diagnosed my issue and were able to patch it without having to drain the pool. I was out of town, which added a different dynamic to the situation, they were very communicative and trustworthy. When I got back the person keeping an eye on the house indicated she didn't not have to add water, so it seems the patch held. His pricing was fair and he had to come back twice through NO fault of his own. I highly recommend giving his team a call if you need a repair.

Wm McNall

When NO ONE else could resolve our water-fall issue in our pool, Chance and his team DID!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Keith Bowers

Highly recommend! I had several companies attempt to diagnose the problem we were having with our pool and the suggested remedies I received were all over the board. Luckily I found Atlanta Leak Pros and they were able to accurately get to the bottom of the issue and do the work to resolve the leak quickly. Chance and his team did fantastic work at a fair price. The communication was great and they really went above and beyond to answer all my questions. I feel so fortunate to have found Atlanta Leak Pros!

Katy Spiers

Chance and his crew were awesome to work with. They came out sooner than they even planned. (Connor and Chance found the issues) - were very clear on a plan on how to fix the leaks. 2 days later Jack came out to do the repairs and my pool has not dropped at all in 2 days!! So glad I called Atlanta Leak Pro's. I will call them in a second for any future concerns.


Chance came out and quickly discovered where my pool was leaking. The repair was scheduled shortly after and was completed. No leak! The tech was friendly and profession, cleaned up after himself and left our property better than he found it. I would highly recommend.

Mark Bullock